The VisionBusinesses building a brighter tomorrow.

If you've started a business with a dream of being wildly successful and doing some good while you're at it, then you've found the right community. It's our vision to see small businesses bring wealth back to local communities and create a world where everyone can thrive.


At Rooted, we believe that business has a vital responsibility to the people who work for us, the communities we serve and the greater environment that sustains us all. With this as our foundation, we can create a more just, equitable and balanced society and sustainable future.

The Mission

Support Socially Minded

Our mission is to ensure your business can flourish by offering learning opportunities and resources to help your business grow, as well as offering services that ensure your company puts its best foot forward. In addition, we are building a network of socially conscious business owners and working to facilitate the  conversation around what success beyond profit looks like. We encourage you to take the pledge, become a member and join us in changing the way the world works so that it works for the benefit of all.

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The Rooted Membership is a network of likeminded business owners and entrepreneurs committed to making conscious business decisions. As a member you'll enjoy access to year round learning opportunities to drive your business' success and learn ideas on how to operate your business responsibly. 
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Business Services

From start up logo design to targeted marketing and development strategy, we offer a range of services to support your business. We understand it's hard to help others until your cup is full first. It doesn't matter what stage your business is in, it's our goal to help you succeed so that you can share the love.
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It doesn't matter the size of your business.

You're Invited

Join the MembershipBecome a Rooted business

Learn and grow

Receive access to members-only webinars and events filled with information and resources to help you guide and grow your business. Sell your goods and services on the Rooted Trading Post - Coming Soon!

Tell your customers that your business is Rooted

Place the Rooted logo on your products, web pages and marketing materials and let your customers know that buying your goods and services means good for all.

Connect with likeminded business owners to share ideas

Through the members only Facebook page and other virtual meet ups, you can share ideas and learn from other business owners about how to grow your business responsibly. 

Savings on Rooted Services

As a Rooted Member, you'll receive special pricing on our courses as well as our branding and business development services which include logo design, web design, marketing strategy, and more!

Business Services

You have milliseconds to make an impression that counts with your clients and customers. We are here to work with you to ensure you are set up for success and make real authentic connections with your clients and customers that result in the growth of your business.


Branding & Web Design

Do you feel confident showing off your logo, web design and marketing materials?

Our team of experienced designers is here to help you capture the essence of your company and convey it to your clients and customers. Our mission is to make you proud to show your business to the world.

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Business Coaching

How much could you grow your business if you had an objective lens helping you set goals and a weekly accountability call to see things get done?

That's what our Business team is here to do. We'll help you set realistic goals and objectives each week. There's no room for excuses here, only success. 

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Strategic Planning

Do you know where your business is going in the next year? The next 10? Are you spinning your wheels and feel like you're not getting anywhere?

We are here to help evaluate your business, set your sights on a vision and create actionable steps for you to grow your business.

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